Online Reputation Management Service

Online Reputation Management Service

Struggling with low business ratings in Yelp, Google Places and/or other similar sites? Or perhaps only a few people are leaving reviews? I understand how you feel since maintaining a high rating is never easy for a business owner (unless you’re one of those who do not care or do not see the value in having a good reputation). My name is Joseph and I’d like to help.

You see, I have worked with hundreds of small business owners and have helped them improve their online reputation. My clients usually are:

  1. victims of fake reviews
  2. victims of unfair reviews from overly sensitive customers
  3. victims of abusive algorithms (decrease in rating after they have stopped paying for advertising fees)
  4. businesses with low ratings from past management (before any improvements occurred)
  5. repentant business owners wanting to improve

These are the results they have gotten from my service:

  1. increase in number of reviews
  2. have better ratings overall
  3. more exposure (listings with very high ratings usually are featured)
  4. more leads (calls and emails)
  5. brand is protected from negative reputation attacks
  6. higher conversion rate for website visitors and leads (since people trust more businesses with high ratings)
  7. unsatisfied customers become impressed with commitment to excellence (since they are contacted by owners/managers directly)
  8. knowledge of which specific areas in their business that they can improve

Here are some testimonials of my satisfied clients:

Working with Joseph and his SEO services has been a great experience. Not only are he and his team skilled, but they also provide terrific customer support. We’ve seen great search ranking improvements organically and locally with our company. Recently having hired him to help with another of our businesses due to the level of proficiency displayed in service and support. If you’re in need of a search engine optimization service, Joseph is a great solution.

So let’s get down to the process. How do I get you the results I say?

resize image1First, I will build you a review portal where your customers can leave graded feedbacks. They have the option to grade their review from 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the highest. If they opt to leave a 4 or a 5 star review, they will be given the option to post this to any of your featured business listings. Alternatively, a 1 to 3 star review will only let them send the review directly to your customer support email. If your business did a good job (positive review) then you get awarded with a positive review. If your business did a bad job (negative review) then you get to know what you did wrong in order to continually improve your business; it’s a win-win situation.

resize image2Second, my software will continually search for targets who have mentioned or have been tagged with your brand. My team and I will continually gather all these targets from different platforms such as social networking sites, forums, blogs, question and answer communities and others and then put store them in a private confidential database.

resize image3Third, we will begin contacting these individuals by asking how their experience was and then encouraging them to leave their feedback in the review portal we have created. In order to avoid any raising of spam flags due to the volume of consecutive reviews. Our system is able to send out the requests to customers on a dripfeed option. This means we will set it to X number of reviews per 24 hours depending on the volume of reviews found.

resize image4Fourth, we will write, design and prepare for you ready-to-use shortened links, QR codes, and feedback card designs. You can implement this for your business by putting it on posters, attaching on receipts, attaching in emails and/or sharing on your site. This will greatly increase the likelihood your customers will leave a review on the review portal.

resize image5Fifth, I will personally send you monthly reports which contain client information, gathered content of reviews, customer insight, campaign analytics and my expert comments on the progress of your online reputation management status.


1. A working sub-domain that acts as the review portal.

2. Login information to the dashboard of the portal where you can see data (can act as your customer relations management dashboard since you can now interact with both satisfied and unsatisfied customers)

3. Set of ready-to-be-implemented/shared tools: shortened links, QR codes, designs, etc.


SETUP FEE (one-time payment) $150
MAINTENANCE FEE (monthly fee) $150
ADDITIONAL BRANCH (added to monthly fee) $25 per branch
CARD DESIGN (w/ links & QR) FREE
TOTAL: $300 for first month then $150/mo succeeding months (+$25/mo per branch)


1. Are there contracts to sign before we start the service?

No. I don’t put you in any contracts. You can easily stop working with us whenever you like.

2. What happens if I stop working with you?

You keep everything which have been made so far. No questions asked.

3. Can I pay in installments?

Sorry but everything has to be done with upfront payments. For the initial work, you pay all the fees for the first month first before we start working on your business. For the monthly cycles, you have to pay first before work is going to be done for another month.

4. May I have a discount?

We offer discounts if you pay in advance. The minimum advance payment would be for 6 months.

5. How fast can you do the research, analysis and setting up of accounts?

I usually need 1 – 2 business days.

6. What is your refund policy?

Once payment is made, refunds are only given if the promised accounts/portals are not sent within the initial month. For succeeding months, refunds will be given if we fail to give you any report for the work done.


Fill up a form now and then it will take you to the payment stage. Click the image below:

resize image4


Option 1. Send me an email at admin@consultjoseph(dot)com or add/chat me on Skype at this ID: consultjsu

Option 2. Send me a message requesting a phone/Skype meeting at a weekday on any hour between 9:00PM – 4:00AM EST.